Hake in green sauce

859934_635634619852047_4469012654889341679_o Ingredients

One hake of approximately 1 Kg.

8 Garlic cloves


1 Cayenne pepper

Olive oil


2 spoonfuls of flour

Clams and prawns

Some white asparagus


Cook the clams and the prawns. Reserve the boiling water.

In a pan add some olive oil. Fry some garlic and add the parsley on top. Add the cayenne pepper if you like. 

Add the flour and fry it for a short time.

Add the wáter that we have reserved. Stir well all the ingredients.

Add salt to the fish and place it inside the pan with the skin above.

After some minutes turn on the fish.

Add clams and prawns.

Garnish with the asparagus and serve. 


Orange and smoked codfish salad


for  6 people

3 Oranges

 300 grs. of smoked codfish

1 handful of chive

black olives,

olive oil


Peel bleeding the oranges and cut them in slices.

Place them directly on the plate where we are going to serve the salad.

Cut the codfish in strips and set them with the oranges.

Chop very fine the chive and add it to the codfish.

Add abundant olive oil and decorate with black olives.